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Making Every Shelter  Feel More Like A Home

Making Every Shelter Feel More Like A Home

Of the world’s 82.4 million forcefully displaced, millions live in shelters — but the shelters they are given don't last. Families are effectively forced to camp for years with materials that last for months.

86% of those displaced take refuge in developing countries that already struggle with unemployment and low wages.

Every Shelter believes in the human capacity of both the refugees it serves and the host country communities. It’s time we empower these communities to help solve the global crisis.

Every Shelter designs and delivers life-saving shelter solutions with and for refugees. Our solutions are sourced and made in developing countries that host. Why? So that our goods not only create safe, stable shelters but create opportunities in the process.

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“Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.”

Matthew Desmond Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology at Princeton University

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A Response to Afghanistan

Thousands of people in Afghanistan have a well-founded fear of reprisal, persecution, and targeted assassinations. News sources that even remotely hint how we may be misunderstanding the current and future actions/intentions of the “capital T” Taliban ignore that they have already been engaging in widespread acts of violence and torture in their retaking of the country. Not to mention that millions of girls and women will now have many of their rights stolen. This is precisely what causes displacement/refugees; those fleeing persecution…

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World Refugee Day Shelter Tour

Everyone has the right to adequate housing. This right is affirmed in dozens of international treaties, conventions, charters, policies, and laws. But what does adequate actually mean? Is it purely subjective, or are there standards to which we can hold one another accountable?

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