This holiday season, help every refugee create home.

The refugee crisis is massive. Millions of displaced people are stuck in limbo for decades. But together, we are building a better way forward.

Our Work

We design shelter solutions for refugees

We believe in refugees and displaced people – their humanity, their wholeness, and their right to have a home and quality shelter. We build solutions that empower refugees.

Settlements Served
Individuals Served
Tons of Plastic Repurposed

What We Do

We pioneer new, dignifying, and sustainable shelter solutions in the face of generational displacement.

Our focus is to build a replicable model, an ecosystem, that values refugees as the central characters in their own pursuit of a better life—refugees designing and building desirable goods for other refugees. This ecosystem has three primary components: needs are met with high quality Shelter Goods, made at a Shelter Workshop, sold at Shelter Depot.

Imagine the last time you went camping. The feel of grit on your skin, the smell of campfire smoke on your clothes, and aches in

Using Billboards for Tarps TLDR: Using discarded billboards for tarps wasn’t our idea. We saw refugees using them, and unlike the standard shelter tarps, these

Everyone has the right to adequate housing. This right is affirmed in dozens of international treaties, conventions, charters, policies, and laws. But what does adequate actually mean? Is it purely subjective, or are there standards to which we can hold one another accountable?

Haven members provide stability, agency, & opportunity to refugees.

Haven members are monthly donors committed to making an impact for a better way forward for refugees.

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