Empowering Refugees While Preserving The Planet.

In today’s world, where climate change and the issue of millions of displaced persons are growing concerns, we believe that finding effective yet earth-conscious solutions is essential.

This Earth Day, here are three ways we are empowering refugees while preserving the planet.

Reforestation: Nurturing Communities and Nature

In places such as Uganda, the threat of deforestation looms large, particularly in and around refugee settlements where trees serve as the lifeblood for constructing homes and supporting livelihoods. Acknowledging this urgent concern, Every Shelter launched an innovative reforestation program to empower refugees.

This initiative incentivizes refugees with goods and services from Shelter Depot, a hardware store within the settlement. Refugees play a crucial role in restoring their environment and bolstering their well-being and resilience by participating in Shelter Depot.

Plastic Upcycling: Transforming Waste into Shelter

A Congolese refugee trained as a Bashe Bora Tarp maker welds two pieces of billboard vinyl together.

Have you ever wondered what happens to those massive billboards lining the roadsides? Every Shelter turns this brand-sensitive waste stream into a valuable resource.

By saving these materials from going to landfills, Every Shelter turns them into strong, durable roofs for refugees and people affected by natural disasters. This innovative approach not only tackles the issue of waste management but also provides durable housing solutions for those in need, all while reducing the carbon footprint on our planet.

Material Research: Building Sustainable Futures

Innovative building materials play a crucial role in creating sustainable communities. Every Shelter recognizes this significance and encourages using Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSBs) as a responsible substitute for traditional construction materials such as concrete and fired bricks. This initiative not only enables native Ugandans and refugees to build robust homes from locally sourced materials but also promotes skill development and self-sufficiency within these communities.

Every Shelter is at the forefront of scaling up this eco-friendly construction method in refugee contexts through continuous research and partnership, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Empowering Refugees, Preserving the Planet

At Every Shelter, you can play a crucial role as an ally to humanity and the environment. By harnessing the resilience and ingenuity of refugees, we are transforming lives and fostering a more sustainable and inclusive world. Let’s build a future where everyone can thrive and contribute to a healthier planet regardless of circumstances.

Images by Salome Wiedmer and Alfred Quartey and architectural rendering by Samuel DeBartolo

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