Empowering refugee families with a solar lamp for a brighter future.

We see ourselves in every person we serve. We recognize that refugees are not defined by their refugee status, and we aim to treat everyone with the dignity, respect, and empathy they deserve. Doing so includes inviting their input when addressing the problems they face. We tell their stories as honestly and compassionately as possible as we work to grow our efforts in their community.
Here is one such story. 

Due to violence in her home country, South Sudan, Agnes and her children sought refuge in Uganda in 2016.

Eight years later, they reside in the Bidibidi refugee settlement in a self-built Tukul home. Agnes managed to procure materials for their home in BidiBidi, but a critical component was missing – adequate lighting at night. 

Picture Agnes grappling with preparing a family dinner before sunset, deeply concerned that her children can’t safely complete their homework at home after dark.

The absence of proper lighting forced her children to walk to a nearby social center in the dark, causing Agnes significant worry for their safety. Although Agnes knew about markets selling solar lamps outside her village, the absence of transportation and available cash limited her ability to access this luxury.

Agnes discovered Every Shelter’s Shelter Depot, a hardware store inside Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp, offering a unique work-for-credit program.

The Work-For-Credit program is an essential bridge to procure needed goods, especially because many refugees, like Agnes, don’t have liquid cash on hand. By engaging in diverse tasks within the Shelter Depot’s Reforestation Work Program, Agnes earned credit for a portable solar lamp from d.light Solar

Since acquiring the solar lamp from Shelter Depot, Agnes has avoided burning kerosene and other toxic fuels as a light source.  She can conveniently charge her phone during the day, ensuring seamless connectivity. She uses the solar lamp to prepare meals for her family at night. Her children can focus on their homework in the safety of their home, eliminating the need to walk to the social center after dark. 

Eagerly anticipating another opportunity to work for credit, Agnes looks forward to redeeming additional items to enhance and expand her family’s home. 

Agnes Lutong proudly shows how she charges her device with her new portable solar lamp. 

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