Stability in Catastrophe with Emergency Floor

In Reyhanli, Turkey, we found a community near the Syrian border. Twelve families live there. They hope to return home when things get better in Syria. This region didn’t experience earthquakes, unlike other areas. But, a surprising issue emerged. Turkish citizens, after their homes were destroyed, flooded in, causing rent prices to soar. This left […]

Bringing Warmth: How a Floor Can Change a Home

What’s the best way to keep a tent warm in the winter? Current methods primarily include issuing more blankets, insulating two or more walls, and providing a diesel stove. These definitely help but another critical element is still lacking: flooring.

Emergency Floor Lebanon

Conflict in Syria, and the resultant mass exodus of its residents fleeing for safety, has greatly affected its neighbors, especially Lebanon. Of the 5.6 million people who have fled Syria since 2011, more than 1 million have settled in Lebanon. For a country with a total population of only 6 million residents, the strain of hosting a drastic influx of refugees has taken a toll on its infrastructure and resources.

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