3 Myths About Displacement

Imagine the last time you went camping. The feel of grit on your skin, the smell of campfire smoke on your clothes, and aches in your hips and back from sleeping on a thin pad probably got old after the second day. Maybe you didn’t have the right gear and felt like you were going to freeze the first night.

Now imagine you can’t leave the campgrounds. Imagine you’re there because you’ve fled from a very real, tangible danger. Maybe it was an ideological militant group gaining new territory. Perhaps a bomb amid a civil war hit close to your home. Imagine making the hardest decision of your life to leave nearly all of your worldly possessions behind, your neighbors, and life as you knew it behind for the uncertainty of crossing a country border to come to this campground indefinitely. You are a refugee. You are displaced. You may have some preconceived notions about displacement. Let me take a moment to dispel a few myths you may hold without knowing it.