Stability in Catastrophe with Emergency Floor

In Reyhanli, Turkey, we found a community near the Syrian border. Twelve families live there. They hope to return home when things get better in Syria.

This region didn’t experience earthquakes, unlike other areas. But, a surprising issue emerged. Turkish citizens, after their homes were destroyed, flooded in, causing rent prices to soar. This left Syrian refugees without homes. These families had lived in Turkey for almost ten years. Now, they faced more displacement. Many felt this loss was worse than fleeing the Syrian war.

Our encounter with this Syrian community occurred following a heavy rain, the first since the earthquakes. Their living conditions were dire, with sleeping areas, eating spaces, and living quarters all drenched from the downpour.

By creating a dry thermal break between the ground and the home, and by elevating families off the wet dirt, Emergency Floor provides a level of basic dignity, warmth, and health to families who have lost all semblance of safety and place.

Emergency Floor is more than just a flooring system; it’s a lifeline for those facing displacement and adversity. Its affordability, compatibility with existing shelters, and non-permanent nature make it an ideal solution for improving living conditions in challenging environments.

Moreover, the benefits of the Emergency Floor extend beyond shelter improvement. From reducing heating fuel expenses by up to 20% to significantly decreasing instances of parasitic infections, diarrhea, and anemia, this innovative solution is transforming lives and promoting higher morale in camp settings.

Every Shelter was only able to deploy the Emergency Floor tiles because of generous benefactors, donors, and friends, who saw the need and responded with overflowing generosity. 

Emergency Floor is still needed and being distributed to families in the wake of war and natural disasters.

We remain committed to this work for the long haul. We are still deploying floors in Turkey and now have started deploying floors in Ukraine.

With just $175, you can provide a floor for one family’s shelter. Alternatively, a donation of $13,125 can cover a week’s worth of manufacturing, producing 75 shelters. We are grateful for partners and donors like you willing to help us. 

On behalf of every recipient of Emergency Floor: Thank you.

Photography by: Salome Mosher

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