Become A Visionary Funder

Invest in our operations to help us make systemic change over the long haul.

Visionary Funders

Every Shelter depends on the philanthropic generosity of individuals, families, foundations, religious and secular institutions, and corporate partners to do this work. As a small non-profit organization one of the hardest things to fundraise for is staff salaries and the related overhead costs such as travel, benefits, office rent, and more which enable our high value strategy to amplify operations in actual refugee-camp contexts and settings.

Like any startup, we need visionary investors who believe in and support our model, so we can stay focused on building a new refugee system centered on refugee needs, aspirations, and preferences.

By committing to multi-year support for our operational funding, these kinds of Visionary Funders allow us to plan for the future, making plans for the long haul instead of depending on short term pivots, and enable us to grow efficiently and more stable as an organization operating in a very unstable sector.

If you are interested in becoming a Visionary Funder for Every Shelter, as an individual or representative of an organization or fund seeking to make maximizing impact, please contact our Chief of Staff, Austin, at austin@everyshelter.org

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