Help Unleash Refugee Talent

Refugees inspire us with everyday, common courage–building back a better life for themselves and their families and creating home.

How You Can Help

Haven members provide stability, agency, & opportunity to refugees.

Haven members are monthly donors committed to making an impact for a better way forward for refugees.

Meet Fatima

A seamstress and urban refugee from Somalia

Meet Kisose

A photographer and urban refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Meet Zainab

A seamstress and urban refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Who We Are

Every Shelter is a non-profit organization building a localized refugee-aid ecosystem centered around the needs, preferences, and aspirations of refugees.

What We Do

We are building a modern, intelligent refugee shelter ecosystem that puts refugees at the center of their own recovery.

Every Shelter has developed a comprehensive approach to the complex nature of refugee aid. We believe in the refugee – their humanity, their wholeness, and every person’s right to have a home. We are building solutions to empower refugees for lasting, generational impact.

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