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It's time we empower refugees to solve the refugee crisis.

Your tax-deductible gift allows us to partner with local refugee-run organizations to employ and empower displaced people through opportunity. 

Opportunity through skills training, entrepreneurship, and craft. 

Opportunity created by investing in the local production of shelter goods that refugees need to survive -- like our weather-proof tarps fashioned for displacement camp housing from repurposed billboard material.

Tarps that make the difference between a home for a month, and a home for years. 

Tarps sustainably and locally made by refugees for refugees.

Make a difference by joining our monthly donor community! Current donors give from $10/month to $300/month. Every single dollar makes an impact!

Click the donate button below to make a donation by credit card or send us your gift by check, made out to Every Shelter and mailed to 1429 Oleander St. Suite A Houston, TX 77009