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On average, refugees are away from “home” for decades. The reality is they need to create home in a new land. Home is safety. Home is happiness. Home is memories. We help refugees create home.

114 million people are displaced. Many will stay displaced for over two decades on average.

They need good shelter. They need choice. They need access to work.
We’re on a mission to create an ecosystem by refugees and for refugees.

We’ve been working in this industry for over a decade. We’ve designed specific interventions like Emergency Floor and Bashe Bora tarp.

Settlements Served
Individuals Served
Tons of Platic Repurposed

Every Shelter has developed a comprehensive approach to the complex nature of refugee aid. We believe in the refugee – their humanity, their wholeness, and every person’s right to have a home. We are building solutions to empower refugees for lasting, generational impact.

We are going to make a whole new refugee-aid system, one that actually works for refugees.

Our mission is to build a localized refugee-aid ecosystem centered around the needs, preferences, and aspirations of refugees.

Current State Today

  • Refugees seen as foreigners
  • Shelter manufacturing in far away factories
  • Distribution of goods by bureaucracies
  • Needs of refugees are hypothesized and reduced to global averages.

A Better Way for Tomorrow

  • Refugees seen as good neighbors
  • Shelter goods produced in every refugee camp
  • Healthy local markets
  • Products designed, made by, and for refugees


Imagine for a moment, you’ve made the hardest decision of your life to leave everything behind to be safe. You’ve fled from bombings, or a militant group, or persecution from your government. You don’t know when you’ll return home if ever.

You need a good home. A place to feel safe.

Across the world, regardless of their specific family needs, refugees are given three things for their decades long camping experience: a structure, a bad tarp, and a dirt floor. This simply isn’t good enough. Refugees need homes; good homes. Without a safe, clean, healthy environment, no one can build a good life.


Imagine for a moment that every time it rains, your roof leaks. In fact, just last night during a storm a leak opened up soaking your newborn in her bed. But you can’t get anything or anyone to help you. A group came by the other day hoping to help, but they handed you a water container - the 13th your family now owns.

This is a glimpse into the current refugee aid system.

Everyone has unique needs and choice turns out to be the best way to solve shelter problems. We will build retail stores in camps; goods, training, & tool rentals.


Imagine for a moment that you’ve fled from your home for safety to a new country. That means you’ve left not just your things and your neighbors behind, but also your job - your means of supporting yourself and your family. You’ve fled to a place that treats you with anonymity and suspicion. Locals often think you’re there to take their jobs.

Creating unique, good jobs for refugees is a critical way to allow refugees to rebuild their lives.

Refugees are often excluded from the traditional economies in their host countries, but creating jobs serving other refugees is a brilliant way to support themselves and their communities.

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