Shelter Goods™:
Providing stability in crisis

About Shelter Goods™

At our core, we invent and create good shelter products.

Refugee homes require unique novel products that bridge temporary and permanent. These products will be made by refugees for refugees; achieving both shelter outcomes and jobs.

We provide unique and novel products for creating refugee shelters based on the specific needs of each individual refugee community. Like our first product solution, Emergency Floor.

Emergency Floor Example

Leaky roofs are the number one shelter concern in our surveys.

Many refugees rely on tarps for their roofing materials; The standard tarps don't last long, materials for a thatch roof are often in low supply, and metal roofs are prohibited by the government or too costly.

Mothers and fathers have to have their vulnerable, at risk children sleeping on dirt floors, with overhead leaking roofs. The basic provision of superior shelter goods, like our repurposed billboard vinyl tarp called Bashe Bora, address these issues and fundamentally alter the quality of life for vulnerable refugee families.

We know that when presented with a superior shelter good, refugee families have strong preferences for the better product. In fact the name for our tarp, Bashe Bora, is colloquial language which means “Better Tarp.” We help refugees make and sell superior shelter provisions like, Bashe Bora.

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