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The Value of Flooring

Fleeing conflict and natural disasters, refugees and displaced people are often left with no choice but to live in temporary camps, where tent-like shelters provide little to no barrier to the dirt below.

Millions of refugees live in shelters for 12-17 years on average. This is by no means a temporary living situation, but most of these shelters do not have any kind of flooring. It's stating the obvious, but dirt floors are hard to keep clean, especially in crowded camps with poor drainage, flooding, and latrines, nearby. Without proper flooring, preventable, life-threatening conditions such as parasitic infection and hypothermia will claim thousands of lives. That's not to mention the loss of dignity that comes from living on bare earth. Emergency Floor provides a sanitary, insulated, dignity-bearing living surface to families and individuals in shelters around the globe. 

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Emergency Floor is the first product of Every Shelter, and it's making an impact across the globe.

Product Details

Emergency Floor is a quickly deployable, lightweight, insulated flooring system perfect for winterization efforts. It is intuitive to install and requires no tools. In most settings, an entire install can be completed in fewer than 10 minutes by first time installers. It can be installed on the ground, on concrete slabs, and even on shipping pallets or sand bags. Each tile weighs approximately 0.6 kg and covers .5 m2 each, meaning they are easily handled and great for logistically challenging camp settings. They ship 1,344 per ISO 20 and 2,822 per ISO 40.

More A­ffordable than Any Competing Solution

No other solution available offers the same value of our floors. It is the perfect solution for your next shelter improvement project.

Perfect Companion to Any Existing Shelter

Emergency Floor tiles can be easily cut with a utility knife to dodge any impediment and create a custom fit in any shelter on the market.

Non-Permanent Shelter Improvement

Many host countries insist that improvements made are non-permanent. Though it will last through years of abuse, it installs and uninstalls in minutes. It can be moved easily if a camp needs to relocate.

Reduces Heating Fuel Expenses by Up to 20%

Made from a very durable, insulating material primarily found in the automotive industry, Emergency Floor provides an R4 insulative value where you need it the most. Our floors can pay for themselves in less than 2 years.

Reduces Medical Needs and Expense

Initial research indicates that replacing dirt floors with Emergency Floor could improve cognitive development in children and reduce parasitic infections by 78%, instances of diarrhea by 49%, and anemia by 81%.

Promotes Higher Morale in Camp Settings

Comfortable and easily cleaned, Emergency Floor brings a much higher level of dignity to families.

Every Shelter : Emergency Floor
Every Shelter : Emergency Floor

Reach us via the contact page to find out more about using Emergency Floor in one of your ongoing projects. Learn more about the benefits of Emergency Floor and the impact it has already had in our news section:

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