Dignify the Displaced



Dignify the Displaced 2023


Friday, June 2, 2o23

6:oo – 1o:oo PM

7:3o PM Remarks

The Houston Event Venue

5601 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77011

*attire is dressy casual
  • Live music
  • Craft refreshments and cocktails
  • Immersive billboard shelter experience

Thanks to our generous sponsors

Shelter Sponsor $10,000

Workshop Partners

Build Partners

Individual Sponsors

Judy & Scott Nyquist

Joey Romano

Michael Dokupil


Frequently Asked Questions

100 million people are currently displaced from their homes worldwide, becoming refugees disconnected from basic rights and human dignity. The average time of  displacement is 20 years.  Every Shelter focuses on refugees living in long duration camp settings in urban squalor, and as such, they are unseen and out of mind for our community. Every Shelter works at a systems level to provide a safe and healthy future to dignify these displaced communities through a three pronged strategy:

  • Shelter Goods: We give stability to refugees by creating and/or scaling powerful, durable shelter products & solutions.
  • Shelter Depot: We give agency back to refugees by offering them choice in camp settings through literal stores & trainings.
  • Shelter Workshop: We give opportunity to refugees by training them to make the very shelter goods needed by other refugees.

In short, Every Shelter is using the proceeds to help build and support our refugee-centric ecosystem in Uganda – Shelter WorkShop | Shelter Depot | Shelter Goods – a refugee relief model led by refugees at every level.

The art auction will be using a platform called ZGIVE to collect bids. ZGIVE is a secure and reliable online bidding platform that allows bidders to submit their bids from anywhere in the world. The platform provides real-time updates on bidding activity and allows for easy management of bids and payments. Bidders can participate in the auction by creating an account on ZGIVE, browsing the auction catalog, and placing their bids on the artwork of their choice. ZGIVE also provides a mobile app for bidding on-the-go. With its user-friendly interface and advanced security measures, ZGIVE ensures a seamless and transparent bidding experience for all participants in the art auction.

No, you do not have to be actively giving to Every Shelter in order to attend the art auction event. Every Shelter welcomes anyone who is interested in supporting its mission to attend the event and participate in the auction. While Every Shelter greatly appreciates any contributions that attendees may choose to make, there is no requirement to give in order to attend. The art auction event is open to the public, and Every Shelter encourages all members of the community to come together and support the cause of providing shelter and support to those in need. So feel free to attend the event and enjoy the art auction!

We want to share our vision with Houston! Expected attendance in excess of 200-300 art enthusiasts, friends of our organization, and socially minded Houstonians!

Every Shelter will release a catalog of pieces two weeks before the date and will circulate this catalogue to everyone on the RSVP list.

Thanks in large part to generous sponsors like you, we are able to extend free admission, free food, and free craft cocktails to this event.

Our Inaugural 2022 Successes

  • 196 RSVPS
  • 12% (18-25)
  • 36% (25-40)
  • 34% (40-65)
  • 18% (65+)
  • 28 Sponsors
  • $57,061 Raised
  • 9 In-Kind Donors Art
  • 19 artist donors
  • 76% of art sold
  • 2 Refugee artists

Auctioning Artists have included:

  • Jack Massing
  • Krista Birnbaum
  • Bradley Kerl
  • Ellen Schuster
  • Will Bentsen
  • Natasha Bowdoin
  • Julie De Vries
  • Sarah Sudhoff
  • Tommy Gregory
  • Casey Argüelles Gregory
  • Paul Kremer
  • Snowfro / Erick Calderon
  • Shane Allbritton
  • Peter Allbritton
  • Charlotte Seifert
  • Riley Miller
  • Jo Ann Fleischhauer
  • Hannah Key
  • Matthew Reeves
  • Francis Mutembezi (Refugee Artist)
  • Wendy Ezekiel (Refugee Artist)
  • George Sacaris

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