A Close Up of Moria Refugee Camp Virtual Event - Every Shelter

A Close Up of Moria Refugee Camp Virtual Event

“How do you prepare yourself to leave your whole life behind, to endure a dangerous journey, and to end up inside a refugee camp? How do you prepare yourself to aid those displaced by hate? And how do you prepare yourself to find common ground on foreign ground?” – Unprepared


Join us Tuesday, June 1st at 8PM CST (9 PM EST, 6 PM PST, 7 PM MST) for a (virtual) conversation on Zoom with the authors of Unprepared: Sharing Tea Inside the Tents of Moria. 

Unprepared is a tea table book, a collection of creative writing, stories, and photographs that bring you face-to-face with the reality of what asylum seekers experience living in Moria refugee camp.

You’ll have an opportunity to hear from the authors as they amplify the voices of the people living inside Europe’s largest refugee camp. One lucky attendee will win a copy of the book! It is going to be an incredible night! Save your seat here!

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