Buy Art | Support Refugee Families | You are invited June 18th! - Every Shelter

Buy Art | Support Refugee Families | You are invited June 18th!


The Board of Every Shelter invites you to attend our first annual art auction fundraiser, “Dignify the Displaced.”

When: June 18th | 6:00-10:00pm
Where: 2101 Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX

A night highlighting art from local Houston and regional artists. Come bid for beautiful art to support the work of Every Shelter, meet local artists, and enjoy an evening of live music, craft refreshments and cocktails, and an immersive Billboard Shelter Experience.

Featuring artists Paul Kremer, Jack Massing, Shane Allbritton, Erick Calderon, WAWAA, Patrick Renner, Will Bentsen, Divya Pande, Sarah Sudhoff, Tommy Gregory, Natasha Bowdoin, Krista Birnbaum, Casey Arguelles Gregory, Peter Bernick Allbritton, Charlotte Seifert, Riley Miller, Lucy Caire, Matthew Reeves, Julie DeVries, and more.

Register here

We hope you will join us for an incredible evening of art that brings dignity to the displaced.


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Bags From Billboards

This year, we have a fun, useful gift that connects you to the inspiring refugees we get to work with on a daily basis. We are changing the shelter system: from refugees as passive receivers of poor quality shelter goods to refugees as respected producers of high-quality local shelter goods. We are starting with multi-year shelter tarps made out of discarded billboard vinyl. While producing our tarps, we had some scraps leftover and thought it would be cool to turn them into…

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A Response to Afghanistan

Thousands of people in Afghanistan have a well-founded fear of reprisal, persecution, and targeted assassinations. News sources that even remotely hint how we may be misunderstanding the current and future actions/intentions of the “capital T” Taliban ignore that they have already been engaging in widespread acts of violence and torture in their retaking of the country. Not to mention that millions of girls and women will now have many of their rights stolen. This is precisely what causes displacement/refugees; those fleeing persecution…

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